How To Add GDPR To Shopify

If you sell to the EU or UK, you need your store to be GDPR compliant and in this quick tutorial, we are going to show you how to add that all important Cookie Consent bar to your Shopify Store.

1. Create A Privacy Policy

Before doing anything else, you need to have a Privacy Policy set up on your Shopify Store and the lovely people at Shopify have added a customizable template, to access this go to Settings → Policies → Privacy Policy and click on the Create from template button.

Shopify Privacy Policy

This will then generate a Privacy Policy and pull information from your account such as contact email address and business address, it also includes lots of information relevant to Shopify specific cookies and includes links to relevant Shopify pages.

You will need to work through and edit this template to include relevant information to your store and also potentially add additional sections based on any tools that you use.

Before going live with your Privacy Policy, it is best practice to get it checked by a specialist in the area of GDPR to make sure that it covers everything and more importantly is legal.

2. Install GDPR Compliance Center App

Shopify GDPR Compliance Center App

The second step requires the installation of an app as Shopify doesn’t offer this functionality as standard and even thought there are quite a few apps out there that offer this, our favourite is the GDPR Compliance Center as it offers a good selection of features, including:

  • GDPR, CCPA & LGPD Compliance
  • Customizable Cookie Consent banner
  • Simple to use
  • Free Plan

For many stores the free plan offers all the basic GDPR compliance controls that you need, including the cookie banner but if you need more in-depth controls, then the paid plans are worth checking out and they start from $6.99/m.

3. Setting Up the GDPR App

If you are using one of the original Shopify themes, then the GDPR app will automatically add the cookie consent bar to your storefront but if you are using one of the OS 2.0 themes, you need to enable to app embed.

This is done by going to Online Store → Customize → Theme Settings → App Embeds and toggling the switch next to the GDPR Compliance Center app and clicking save, this has then activated the app on the front end of your store and you should see the Cookie Consent bar pop up in the customizer.

Shopify GDPR OS 2.0

Now that the app is activated on the front end of your Shopify store, you can now go in and edit the settings to customize it, so that it fits with your websites design.

To access the settings go to Apps → GDPR Compliance Center → Settings and it will show all of the settings that are available for the app, some options may be greyed out as they are limited to certain plans.

GDPR Compliance Center Settings

To set up many of the configuration options and display settings, you need to go into the banner section and there are quite a few options, including:

1. Behavioural Settings

These are the settings for what the Cookie Consent bar does and the options that are available to your websites users, the first is the actions of the bar.

GDPR Consent Mode

The second set of options are for the link to your privacy policy, if you have a custom URL for your privacy policy, it can be entered here.

GDPR Privacy Policy Link

The third set of options are the actions of the secondary button on the consent banner.

GDPR Secondary Buttons

And the final behavioural options are for Explicit vs Implied consent, with the Explicit requiring an action from the visitor in response to the Cookie Consent bar, otherwise it will remain displayed.

The second option is Implicit (which is a paid option) and implies that by clicking anywhere on the page, they are accepting your stores cookie policy.

In this section, you can also set the duration of the acceptance of the Cookie Policy and there are some more advanced options, which are only available on paid plans.

2. Style Settings

The second tab in the Banner section is the styling options for the Cookie Consent bar and there are plenty to choose from, there is also an option to enable a live preview so you can see any changes you make before saving them and publishing them on your site.

The styling options include:

  • Layout
  • Colors
  • Advanced Styling

This allows you complete control over the design aspects of the cookie bar and you can style it so that it fits your website. On the paid plans, you can also add custom CSS to the styling options.

GDPR Style Settings

3. Content Settings

The third tab is the content settings and this is where you can customize the text that is displayed in the consent bar and on the buttons. You can also choose whether to display an emoticon or not and if you do, which one you would like to use.

Settings for the preferences is box is only available on paid plans as the preferences box is a paid feature.

GDPR Content Settings

Other Settings

We are just looking at the options available with the free app for this tutorial and within the settings there are three more options that you can configure:

1. Geolocation

As the GDPR compliance centre covers more than just GDPR, you can use to Geolocation settings to display certain consent bars to visitors from certain localities based on their IP address and this can be set up with a simple switch of a toggle button.

GDPR Geolocation

2. Data Subject Request

This is a great feature and one that is required in order to be GDPR compliant as your customers can submit data requests to you.

To activate this feature, you need to set up a page for this but the app tells you the exact steps you need to do this. Once the page is set up, your site now provides a way for customers to submit these requests.

3. Languages

The third setting is for the language that the app displays in, as standard it will choose the default language for your store but you can choose to display it in other languages if you wish.

If you want to display the consent bar in multiple languages, you need to upgrade to a paid plan but it will automatically detect the origin of the user and display their local language as long as you have added this language as an option.

GDPR Languages


The GDPR Compliance Center is one of the easiest GDPR apps to set up in Shopify and you are good to go with a few clicks and helps your store become GDPR compliant.

There is also a an icon in the app dashboard that lets you send a message directly to the developers should you experience any difficulty with the app and they will get back to you as soon as they can to try and remedy it.

Overall it is just a great app and basically essential if you sell to the EU or UK and the bonus is that they offer a completely free plan.

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