The 6 Best Ecwid Alternatives (2023)

If you have clicked on this then you are either looking to move away from Ecwid or have a reason for not wanting to use them in the first place.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help as we have created a list of what we think are the best Ecwid alternatives on the market and we have included options for:

  • People/businesses looking for an ecommerce platform to build an online store
  • Those using Ecwid as their checkout on other platforms such as WordPress

We will also list some of the reasons why we have chosen them as an alternative along with some pros and cons of that platform, so let’s get started…

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1: Shopify

Shopify Homepage

In our opinion, the best alternative to Ecwid is Shopify, especially for businesses looking for an ecommerce platform that includes a website builder as Shopify has:

  • A much better website builder
  • A far larger selection of apps and integrations
  • A much larger online community

Shopify also comes with a good selection of standard features and is overall a much more complete platform than Ecwid as it allows users to pretty easily build complete and scalable online stores and if SEO is a part of your marketing strategy, then Shopify is much better in this area,

If you are moving from Ecwid to Shopify, the transition shouldn’t be too difficult as Shopify is very easy-to-use and due to the large online community, there are plenty of Shopify tutorials out there to help you get up and running with Shopify.


Shopify is more expensive than Ecwid on a monthly basis:

  1. Shopify Basic: $39/m
  2. Shopify Standard: $105/m
  3. Shopify Advanced: $399/m

You may also need to budget for the cost of a theme and apps depending on your requirements.

For enterprise-level business, Shopify also have you covered with their Shopify Plus plan, which starts from $2,000 a month and is tailored to you and your business.

Shopify doesn’t have any turnover limits but do charge a transaction fee with all of their standard packages and the fee you are charged does depend on the package you are on:

  • Basic: 2%
  • Standard: 1%
  • Advanced: 0.5%

This can make figuring out which is the best package to be on a bit more difficult but you can use our free Shopify fee calculator to figure out which is the best one to choose.

Pros and Cons

  • Complete ecommerce platform
  • Large selection of features
  • Large app store
  • Very good website builder & customizer
  • Built for businesses of all sizes
  • 24/7 Support
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Transaction fees
  • Apps can become expensive
  • Needs apps for some features that are available on Ecwid
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Who Is Shopify Best For?

Shopify is a great option for businesses looking for an all-in-one ecommerce platform that is easy to use as Shopify offers a good selection of features, a large app store and a very good website builder.

If you to learn more about Shopify, we have done a:

2: Square Online

Square Homepage

Square is a very good option for smaller ecommerce businesses, especially ones that also have a physical store or sell face-to-face as they can combine Square’s Online Store with the Point of Sale (POS) to manage all of their inventory and orders in one place.

But even if you only sell online, Squares Online Store is still a great Ecwid alternative as it offers:

  • An easy-to-learn and use dashboard
  • A website builder (that offers some features that Ecwid’s doesn’t)
  • The ability to sell different product types (physical, digital, subscription etc)
  • A good selection of ecommerce features

The only real downside to Square is the limited number of payment gateways, which may be an issue for some businesses.

Square Online Pricing

Square’s pricing is lower than Ecwid’s, which may be appealing to budget-conscious businesses and like Ecwid, Square also offer a free package along with 3 paid options:

  • Square Professional: $16/m
  • Square Performance: $29/m
  • Square Premium: $79/m

Square don’t charge any additional transaction fees and have no turnover limits, the Square payment gateway fee is also very attractive and lower than some of the other payment options.

Square Online Pros and Cons

  • Easy to Learn and Use
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Good Theme Customisation
  • Free Plan
  • Can be Used With Square POS
  • Limited Payment Options
  • No Pre-built Themes
  • Limited Bulk Editors
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Who Is Square Best For?

Square is a very good option for businesses who sell both online and face-to-face as they offer an easy-to-use package that makes managing both a very easy process.

If you to learn more about Square, we have done a:

3: Wix

If you are looking for an alternative to Ecwid that is similar in price but offers a better website builder, then Wix could be your ideal solution.

This is because Wix offers a comparable set of features to that of Ecwid but Wix includes a full website builder that includes a full-site customizer and the ability to add a blog to your store, which are both things that Ecwid doesn’t.

Wix also offers a range of apps that add features including:

  • Online bookings
  • Online courses
  • Memberships and subscriptions

So Wix offers a lot and for a similar price to Ecwid but it does have some drawbacks, the first one being that Wix sites don’t perform that well and it isn’t as easy to use as Ecwid but there is the option to combine Ecwid and Wix, which is a very good combination, especially if it Ecwid’s website builder that is the reason you don’t want to use it.

Wix Pricing

In order to be able to sell online with Wix, you will need to be on one of the Business plans and they offer three:

  • Wix Basic: $27/m
  • Wix Unlimited: $33/m
  • Wix VIP: $59/m

One appealing thing when it comes to the Wix plans is that they don’t charge any additional transaction fees nor do they have annual turnover limits.

Wix Pros and Cons

  • A decent set of features
  • Full site customizer
  • Plan pricing
  • Large theme selection
  • 24/7 support
  • Hosting performance
  • Can’t easily change templates
  • Some things could be easier/simpler to use
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Who Is Wix Best For?

Square is a very good option for businesses who sell both online and face-to-face as they offer an easy-to-use package that makes managing both a very easy process.

If you to learn more about Wix, we have done a:

4: Shoprocket

If you are looking for an alternative to Ecwid that you can embed into your existing website, then Shoprocket is definitely an ecommerce platform worth considering.

This is because Shoprocket works in a very similar way to Ecwid as you create your store using Shoprocket and then embed that store into your existing website by simply pasting the code into your site’s pages (they don’t use apps or plugins).

And if you are an existing Ecwid user, the user experience with Shoprocket is very similar as the dashboard is very easy to use, from getting set-up to managing your orders.

Even when it comes to features, the two platforms stack up very well but one area where Shoprocket does outperform Ecwid is speed as Shoprocket loads much quicker than Ecwid, which can result in a better user experience for your customers.

Shoprocket Pricing

Shoprocket offers 4 paid plans, of which the first three are priced very similar to Ecwid’s:

  • Shoprocket Lite: $9/m
  • Shoprocket Starter: $29/m
  • Shoprocket Business: $79/m
  • Shoprocket Plus: $199/m

And as with Ecwid, Shoprocket doesn’t charge any additional transaction fee or have annual turnover limits.

Shoprocket Pros and Cons

  • Well priced plans
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Good selection of features
  • Can be used with most website builders
  • Very easy to embed
  • SEO tools aren’t great
  • Website builder is very basic
  • Lack of subcategories
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Who Is Shoprocket Best For?

Shoprocket is a great option for businesses looking for an ecommerce platform that they can easily embed into their existing website that also offers a good selection of features and is very easy to use along with loading quickly.

If you to learn more about Shoprocket, we have done a:

5: WooCommerce

WooCommerce Homepage

WooCommerce is an alternative to Ecwid in two ways:

  1. If you are using the Ecwid plugin for WordPress
  2. You are looking for a fully self-hosted website builder + ecommerce

This is because WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce plugin for the WordPress CMS and is owned and run by the same company that owns WordPress.

While in it’s standard form, WooCommerce doesn’t offer anywhere near the features that Ecwid does, it can be a very versatile plugin that can be used as the base for:

  • Stores selling physical and/or digital products
  • Subscriptions/memberships
  • Multi-vendor marketplaces

These are only a couple of the options but WooCommerce does come with some drawbacks that you don’t get with Ecwid and they include:

  • More technical knowledge to setup/run a WooCommerce store
  • It requires quite a few additional plugins, even for a basic store
  • How secure your checkout is depends on your hosting

It is most definitely something worht considering and there are many successful WooCommerce stores, just be aware that WooCommerce stores aren’t always as easy to run as some hosted options.

WooCommerce Pricing

The WooCommerce plugin and the WordPress CMS are completely free to install and run but there are some costs that you can incur, including:

  • Hosting
  • Plugins
  • Themes

If you need the help of a developer, then this will be another additional cost.

WooCommerce Pros and Cons

  • Free to install and use
  • Massive number of themes to choose from
  • The same goes for the plugins
  • It is your website, you can move it to another web host if you are not happy
  • Easy-to-use admin dashboard
  • Does need a couple of plugins to really work properly
  • No real technical support if things go wrong
  • Can be expensive if you need to use paid plugins
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Who Is WooCommerce Best For?

WooCommerce is a good option for businesses who want a self-hosted ecommerce platform that gives them complete control over their business and either have or are willing to learn/outsource the technical skills required.

If you to learn more about WooCommerce, we have done a:

6: Payhip


If you are looking for an Ecwid alternative primarily for digital products, then Payhip could be the ideal solution as the platform was designed for digital products first but also allows users to sell:

  • Online courses
  • Subscriptions/memberships
  • Physical products

This offers a lot of flexibility for digital products and Payhip has a built-in website builder that is very easy to use but can also be embedded in other websites.

It can also match Ecwid on its ease of use as Payhip’s dashboard is one of the most user-friendly that we have tested and it also includes some nice features such as a built-in affiliate program.

Payhip Pricing

Payhip is very simple and straightforward in its pricing and offers the following:

  • Free Forever: $0/m (5% transaction fee)
  • Plus: $29/m (2% transaction fee)
  • Pro: $99/m (no transaction fee)

And while Payhip does charge a transaction fee, it does not have annual turnover limits, which offers more flexibility on plan choice.

Payhip Pros and Cons

  • Free Plan
  • Easy to use
  • Can sell a variety of digital products
  • Good marketing tools
  • Website builder and a built-in blog
  • Limited payment options
  • Only email support
  • Lack of SEO tools
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Who Is Payhip Best For?

Payhip is a great option for businesses that primarily sell digital products but also want the ability to sell physical products along with wanting an easy-to-use platform that can potentially be embedded into other sites.

If you to learn more about Payhip, we have done a:


There are some really great options when it comes to Ecwid alternatives, whether you are using Ecwid for your ecommerce website or are using it as an ecommerce tool for an existing website, we have covered all of the options in the post, including:

  • Fully-hosted ecommerce platforms
  • Self-hosted ecommerce platforms
  • Embeddable platforms

So that hopefully, there is an option for you to consider for your business, however you are currently using Ecwid in your business.

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