The 18 BEST Ecommerce Blogs You NEED to Follow in 2022!

Whether you are brand new to ecommerce or an established business, you always want to be learning about what is going on in the industry and one of the best ways to stay up to date is blogs and below are what we believe to be the best blogs in the world of Ecommerce.

1. EcommerceGold

EcommerceGold Blog

Of course we had to put ourselves in the list but why?

Well at EcommerceGold we offer completely independent ecommerce platform reviews, comparisons and tutorials to help business choose the right platform for their business along with how to effectively SEO their ecommerce website as it is one of our favourite marketing methods.

Along with our blogs, we also have our own YouTube channel with similar type of content.

Our Favourite Posts

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce SEO
  2. How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform for your Business

2. A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand

Not only is A Better Lemonade Stand one of the best named ecommerce blogs out there but it is also a great source of information. Founded by Richard Lazazzera, who was part of Shopify’s growth team before focusing on ABLS full time in 2015 and turned it into one of the biggest blogs in the industry, with over a quarter of a million visitors every month!

The blog covers every stage of ecommerce from building to growing your online store and pretty much everything in between.

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3. Beeketing

Beeketing Blog

Beeketing is a great read for any ecommerce business as their blog is full of very informative posts ranging from starting an ecommerce business to many different aspects of marketing to help you generate more traffic and increase sales, with many posts containing really good actionable tips that you can start implementing straight away.

While they do cover all aspects of ecommerce, they have a lot of very useful information around Dropshipping and Print on Demand, so if that is your business, then definitely check Beeketing out.

Our Favourite Posts

4. Practical Ecommerce

Practical Ecommerce

The name of this blog kind of gives away what the site is about, which is Practical Ecommerce information, tips and advice from building your store to marketing and grow and everything in between, the 7,000+ articles on the site cover basically everything to do with ecommerce.

A highly valuable source of practical, straight forward advice.

Our Favourite Posts:

5. Bootstrapping Ecommerce

Bootstrapping Ecommerce

If you are starting or running an ecommerce budget on a tight budget, then you will love Bootstrapping Ecommerce as it is offers a great selection of blogs that show cost effective and in many cases creative ways to build and market your ecommerce business, without spending a fortune.

With contributions from many industry experts, their blog is definitely worth checking out and will be a valuable investment of your time!

Our Favourite Posts

6. Sumo Blog

Sumo Blog

While the Sumo Blog isn’t dedicated to Ecommerce, it does contain a treasure trove of information around all types of marketing including email, content and social media and is run by digital marketing expert Noah Kagan (who also own OkDork and has an awesome YouTube channel).

Not only does it contain helpful guides around all forms of digital marketing but also provides creative solutions to problems that you may encounter plus Sumo itself is a great place to find deals on very helpful software.

Our Favourite Posts:

7. Nerd Marketing

Nerd Marketing

If you want to learn how to market your Ecommerce store (which you really should!), then you definitely need to check out Nerd Marketing, which is run by Drew Sanocki, who is not only an expert marker but also a very successful digital entrepreneur who provides valuable insight, information and advice on all things ecommerce marketing.

Not only does Nerd Marketing have a great selection of blog posts but also a podcast, where you get to hear great information from Drew himself but also from some of the expert guests that are on some episodes.

Our Favourite Posts


The blog has a strong focus on how to get customers and then how to keep those customers!

Which is something every ecommerce business should want to do and their blog contains useful articles for both of these subjects, with lots of useful hints and tips to make the most of your marketing campaigns.

Our Favourite Posts:

9. Yotpo Blog

yotpo blog

The Yopto blog has a similar focus to that of the blog, which is not only how to get customers but also how to turn them into returning customers and also making the most of user generated content (UGC).

They also have a great selection of case studies of how companies have used different techniques and technologies to grow their businesses in many different ways, definitely worth a read.

Our Favourite Posts:

10. Referral Candy

Referral Candy Blog

Referral Candy has a great blog that covers many things to do with ecommerce but with a strong focus on one of the holy grails of ecommerce marketing, Word of Mouth (the name Referral Candy does give this away!).

With helpful guides and informative blogs around all of these subjects, it is definitely worth spending some time reading through the blog, especially if you are looking at different methods for marketing your ecommerce business.

Our Favourite Posts:

11. Shopify Blog

Shopify Blog

Shopify is one of the biggest names in the world of ecommerce and they aim to help not only their own userbase but also anyone who is involved in the world of ecommerce with their fantastic blog, which covers everything from tips for starting an ecommerce business to marketing and maximising sales.

They even have a pretty inspirational section of founder stories, which is a great place to see what others are doing and how they built their started and grew from an idea to a flourishing business.

Our Favourite Posts

12. Bigcommerce Blog

Bigcommerce blog

Another ecommerce platform but another one that is worth reading as Bigcommerce are one of the biggest names in the world of ecommerce. Their blog contains a whole host of great information for Bigcommerce users and ecommerce businesses in general, from building ecommerce stores to customer acquisition and much more.

They also have their own podcast, which is another great source of information and many episodes include guests who are industry experts.

Our Favourite Posts

13. Ecwid Blog

Ecwid Blog

The Ecwid Blog is another fantastic resource from one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms and contains articles ranging from starting an ecommerce business to marketing and growing your business using a variety of different tools.

They also have a podcast, which includes interviews with industry leaders and experts, which is great for those who love to listen as well as read.

Our Favourite Posts

14. Printful Blog

Printful Blog

If Print on Demand is your ecommerce business model of choice, then you need to read the Printful blog as it contains a large selection of articles covering pretty everything you need to know about Print on Demand and coming from one of the market leaders in the field, you know that it is coming from a good source.

The blog does go beyond just Print on Demand as it covers many aspects of ecommerce, ranging from getting started to marketing and conversion optimization, even if you aren’t doing Print on Demand, you still might learn something.

Our Favourite Posts:

15. Oberlo Blog

Oberlo Blog

Oberlo’s blog is similar to Printful, just with a focus on dropshipping rather than print on demand, so if you are starting or running a dropshipping ecommerce business, then you definitely want to check out the Oberlo blog.

The blog covers many different facets of ecommerce from how to get started with dropshipping to on-page optimization and marketing and just like Printful, even if you aren’t doing drophsipping, there may be some valuable information in the blog that you can use on your own ecommerce business.

Our Favourite Posts:

16. EKM Blog

EKM Blog

Yet another Ecommerce Platform blog but this one is a UK focused blog as EKM is the UK’s largest ecommerce platform and contains lots of useful articles for UK business to help them grow their ecommerce store, whether you are using EKM or not.

From ecommerce guides to marketing and trends, the EKM blog covers many different aspects of ecommerce and is definitely worth a read.

Our Favourite Posts:

17. Bold Commerce

Bold Commerce

If you are building a subscription based ecommerce business, then you have to check out the Bold Commerce blog as it talks about everything to do with subscription ecommerce, from tips on launching a subscription successfully to how to increase conversion rates and cut down on churn, there really is every thing for subscription businesses in there.

They also have contributions from industry experts, which provide extremely valuable insight.

18. Prisnyc Blog

Prisnyc Blog

The Prisnyc blog covers lots of very important aspects of creating a successful ecommerce business with a focus on one things that isn’t covered on a lot of blogs and that is pricing, from how to price your products properly to developing a pricing strategy.

But there is more than just pricing, the Prisnyc blog also offers a lot of marketing posts and tutorials, which can be very helpful to ecommerce businesses of all sizes.

Our Favourite Posts:


So there it is, our list of the best ecommerce blogs that you should be following to help you learn valuable insights and information in order to be able to take your Ecommerce Store to the next level.

Is there an awesome ecommerce blog that we’ve missed? If we have, let us know at or drop a comment below.

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